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From Brand Developers to Graphic Designers #TeamWDB has an array of talent and experience to bring your vision to life.

“In over 10 years, WDB Marketing has been the business partners and marketing engine behind several brands. To date, we have provided marketing services to thousands of businesses from larger corporations to everything in between. Our mission to positively impact our business community.”

Keeana Barber


This is the philosophy that Keeana Barber, owner, and creative mastermind behind
WDB Marketing lives by. Uniquely prepared for entrepreneurship, Keeana has had a
lifetime of experiences to prepare her, beginning with graduating from
Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Learning and Organizational
Change. Upon graduation, Keeana learned the intricacies of running a small
business at boutique executive firm, Monar Consulting where she was responsible
for client correspondence and bookkeeping. And although these early work
experiences proved to be awesome, Keeana knew that she ultimately wanted to be
an entrepreneur.

James Wheeler

Chief Operations Officer

James Wheeler graduated from Eastern University with a degree in Industrial Technology in 2006. Shortly after graduating, James acquired an internship with Johnson Publishing and Danielle Ashley, working on publications such as Ebony and, then leading big-name accounts such as Walgreens and Illinois Lottery. In 2010, James decided it was best to pursue his design dreams on his own and created design company LIA Visual (Life Is Art). For 3 years, James successful ran his design firm, before merging with WDB marketing in 2013. To date, James has used his industrial technology background to expand the in-house production capabilities of WDB Marketing.

Leah Barber

Executive Administrator

Leah Barber is not only one of the Account Managers at WDB, but she is Keeana Barber's mother. Her entrepreneurial endeavors prior to WDB include being a creative artist and running a clothing boutique out of her home. On the Art side, she's a self-taught artist who has been drawing ever since she could remember. Mrs. Leah has hosted one-woman shows, showcased her Art in a number of galleries, and was one of the first people to bring awareness to Winnie Mandela through artwork. She began working for WDB to fulfill the legacy and dreams of a deceased son and original owner, Bobby Barber.

Timothy Hodges

Lead Graphic Designer

Tim received a BA in Visual Communications from Westwood College in Downtown Chicago in 2008. This is where he discovered it was possible to digitally create whatever picture he saw in his head. As a result, he has been an artist for the past 10 years and truly gains fullfillment from his work. Tim spends his time away from WDB creating digital artwork and from showcasing his pieces at various artshows Chicago annually.

Ashley Harris

Account Manager

Ashley Harris, rooted in the WDB family, is a graduate of the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champagne with a BBA in Communications. Ashley is an inspiration to the WDB team because she's found a way to remain an effective member while battling Lupus and her dialysis appointments. She admits that her strength to keep pushing on her bad days stems from remembering all the people she has helped being apart of the WDB family.

Gerald Sprattlin Jr.

Production Manager

Gerald has a passion for mentoring the youth, males in particular, in urban communities in Chicago. Gerald's mentorship efforts have been impactful that he has dedicated his life to mentorship. In addition, he changed his rapper name to "Gerald G The Mentor". Gerald is grateful to have crossed paths with WDB because he's able to use his hands and create satisfied customers all through production and printing.


Social Media Manager

Every business needs a digital strategy. WDB Marketing is excited to engage Andrea Thompson of Pow Biz Media for helping rev up our clients media presence. From everything from live streaming to content calendars, Andrea brings the excitement energy to your brand to make it go viral!

Maurice Gunn

Graphic Designer

Maurice Gunn has 15 years of experience in business management, marketing, promotions and graphic design. He is an entrepreneur, business owner and former producer of Chicago Only Radio. In those roles, he has demonstrated his ability to facilitate revenue growth, increase profit and gain market share in a competitive industry. As a strategic thinker, competent mediator and persuasive communicator, he engages well with stakeholders, customers and team members. Best known as a man with integrity and commitment, he is positioned to take Save Our Streets to the highest level of success.

Kory Richmond

Digital Designer

Kory received a Bachelor of Design (BA) in Graphic Design from University of IIlinois at Chicago (UIC) in May 2019. There she found her passion for design and service. Working at WDB marketing she is able to do both with a great team. In her spare time her hobbies incudes watching tv, volunteering, and designing for fun.
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