Event Booklets

Event Programs are printed booklets, brochures, catalogs, or pamphlets for the guests at your events: they help you share all the information you need attendees to know. Use them to clearly lay out the order of activities, list participants, or add special notes about your gathering or organization.

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They also make excellent keepsakes for attendees. Event Programs are the perfect place to express your thanks to anyone who provided promotional items, donated funds, or did volunteer work for your event.

Event Programs keep things running smoothly by providing schedules, descriptions, maps, and a catalog of other details that your guests will need, in a handy booklet format they can carry around with them all day. They’re a great way to communicate the organization of your event with introductions, steps, and duration of activities. Nonprofit organizations can use programs to highlight addresses to which charitable donations may be sent. You can also use them to spotlight and provide thanks to participants, volunteers, and other worthy parties.

Increase your sponsor roles by providing advertising space anywhere in your Event Programs, just like an ad book! Selling advertising space is beneficial to you, your sponsors, and your guests. Plus, you can use previous years’ Event Programs to attract other advertisers in future years. Viewing a well-designed Event Program offers potential sponsors tangible evidence of the benefit of supporting you.


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