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Being a new entrepreneur…or even a seasoned one, forces us into roles we never thought possible in our respective businesses. Although we may not have signed up to become Branding and Marketing experts, it is our responsibility to either learn and adapt, or be taken over by our competitors. 

Know The Difference

The terms ‘Branding’ and ‘Marketing’ are used interchangeably nowadays with very little differentiation between the two. Navigating the difference between the two, especially when you’re forced into this role, can be exceptionally challenging and expensive.

Branding is your brand in a personified form. It is a living organism. It eats, talks, looks like, and lives like your target consumer. 

To create and engage in the branding process, you will need the ingredients to fashion a solid foundational base for your brand to be built on. We’ll get into those elements shortly. 

Marketing is the expressed value of your brand. Marketing essentially focuses on the features and benefits of the already developed and established brand. 

In order for your Marketing activities to take place effectively, you must first go through the Branding process. 

Branding 101 Quick Guide

Earlier, I referred to Branding as a foundation containing various ingredients.  Below is your ‘grocery list’ of ingredients to build a solid brand.

Brand Colors

Select 2 to 3 colors that express your brand’s style and the kind of products and services you offer.  For example, if you are a financial service provider, you most likely would want to select brand colors that include the color green, as green represents wealth and legacy.  


This is a well-defined image that represents your business.  It will be placed on your company website, apparel items, stationary printed items, electronic communications, and more.  Logos come in a few variations, including: Text logo, animated logo, and general digital logo.  When creating your logo, think about the various ways and places your logo will be displayed and determine if the design you have in mind will transpose well in each display circumstance. 

Company Tagline

Your company’s tagline should be short and sweet.  It should summarize your expertise in 1 sentence, 9 words or less.  To begin writing a great tagline, start off with a full sentence describing your company’s expertise.  Then, reread that sentence and try to eliminate as many words as possible while keeping the main message intact.  

Digital Content

Invest in high quality digital images that will truly express the authenticity of your products/services.  Social media graphics, professional headshots, team photos, and professionally photographed product photos are vital to establishing brand identity and building customer trust in your brand.  

Completing this branding checklist will help you lay a strong foundation for your brand.  Choose wisely and take your time.  Your company’s colors, logo, tagline, and digital assets will represent all that you do in your business.  Take the time to do your research in your respective industry, learn about your competitors and look into ways of doing it better.  
If you need guidance on branding your business, reach out to me at: today and let’s talk business!