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Nowadays, virtually no one can get by without having some kind of digital imprint.  Between digital media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and other video platforms like TikTok, it becomes virtually impossible to hide and still market your business.  The visual facets you share, tell a definitive story about you and your brand, even if you didn’t mean to.  Here is a quick guide on Visual Marketing, how it works and what you need to know to brand yourself and your business the right way the first time. 

Visual Marketing Defined

The art of curating images, video and other multimedia content to tell your story online and offline. 

What do people SEE when they think about your brand? What is their perception?

3 Keys to Visual Marketing Assets

  • Brand Identity 
  • Story & Content Development
  • Digital Imagery

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its customer.  These brand elements include your brand’s color, logo, font choice, language tone, and imagery to activate your brand’s overall image.  

Content Development

Without actual content like videos, photos and digital collateral, your brand is a ​Digital Ghost. ​ The content you create for your brand tells the story of why your brand is the right solution for your target client.

Digital Imagery

If you hit the first 2 pain points and miss this step of executing proper digital images of you and/or your products, your visual marketing journey has been cut short of its success before ever beginning.  Use your brand’s identity and content to express outward with your digital images.  Hire a photographer with a proven track record of producing high quality images for your business. Plan for and stage your photos before the shoot to ensure you capture the true essence of your brand’s expression to the world.

Full Service Visual Marketing

Finding the right marketing professional can be tough.  #TeamWDB has a team equipped to build your brand the right way and make your visions come to life!  Contact us today at: to get started!