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With any real relationship, communication should be a two-way street.  The same is true in business.  Without communication, there are no connections.  If there is no connection, there are no conversations, let alone conversions.   What’s important to customers now?  Information, engagement and social issues.  Connecting with customers through these avenues will be key to staying relevant all 2021.  

Believe it or not, most ideas, businesses and success started with just one conversation.  Just one.  That’s why we’re seeing a trend rise in the area of Conversational Marketing techniques.  What is it you ask? Conversational Marketing, simply put, is the method of building customer relationships via personalized, one-to-one content and communication. 

Method Approach

Although Conversational Marketing is a relatively new methodology, it may be older than you think.  Technology is catching up to accommodate this method in various ways.  AI-powered applications like chatbots, using highly-skilled emotional intelligence built into the programming, makes it much easier for businesses to connect with users.  To integrate more human-like characteristics to your AI systems, we suggest it has the traits of empathy, is knowledgeable, and has personality that aligns with your brand’s overall tone of voice to create a more natural engagement style.  AI systems to integrate this technique should include your company’s website chatbots, social media messaging, and texting (SMS) systems, providing you with more opportunities to speak with your audience.  

Bring the Convo

Give customers a reason to start a conversation with your brand.  Take into account the current position of your brand with consumers, and start strategizing on the best ways to converse with your customers.  Examine your content and strategize on the best ways to lead your audience into direct connection to your brand and its mission. 

It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Nowadays, consumers are not looking for your company’s elevator pitch nor chatting with an artificial character.  Change your chabot’s tone and approach.  Don’t be afraid to personalize your approach to the conversation.  The key is for the customer to feel like a real person is chatting back to them, even if they know it’s not.  Show your brand’s personality and sense of humor.  Be transparent and quirky.  It’s all up to you.  Be different and stand out here.    

Switch Up Your Customer Service Game

Traditionally in business, conversations between us and our customers start in the customer service department.  Find ways to incorporate personable AI methods into your customer service methods and journey.  This will help to reveal new marketing opportunities that lie under your nose while creating workable solutions for your customers.   This also helps you to take a more client-centered approach to customer service, helping to mitigate the complaints of disgruntled customers and diffusing a potentially damaging Google Review in the long run.   

Streamline the Data

If you have not already, find a system that can capture, house, and communicate your data in one place.  From customer service data, to chats, emails, calls, and text messages, use a system that can plug the above mentioned data points into one system, making it easy to manage and  monitor.  This pathway can also provide you with additional new insights into various aspects of your customer’s journey, helping you understand which key messages engage customers the most, reveal barriers in the sales process, and help you manage your reputation by staying on top of post-sales customer complaints that could negatively impact your brand’s image.  CRM’s are the most effective way to do this.