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Overcoming and recovering from a Global Pandemic has caused a shift in 2021’s Marketing Trends.  During times of uncertainty and unrest, consumers more frequently search for ways to connect to happier times when things were simpler.  The newer trend of marketing, known as Nostalgic Marketing, is on the rise, acting as an emotional catalyst to raising even the heaviest of hearts.  Nostalgic Marketing is an effective strategy marketers use to assist consumers in distracting themselves from negative emotions caused by current circumstances.

Historical Analysis

First surfacing to the market in the 1920s during the Great Depression, marketers and brands turned to Nostalgic Marketing to connect consumers with positive memories from their past.  Linking those positive emotions through your brand will build an emotional relationship between your brand and your consumer. You made them feel good, therefore they associate your brand as a good brand.

Know your audience

For this marketing method to be successful, you must first identify your audience.  Be sure to consider the kind of audience you want to hit when creating nostalgic-centered content.  You will most likely be working within a 10 year bracket, so be sure to include content that will capture as many people in your targeted pool as possible.  

Dig in those Digital Crates

Think about what was popular 10 years ago.  How about 20 years ago?  30?  Even if you were not around 30 + years ago, it shouldn’t hinder your ability to go digging in the digital crates to find that throwback feeling.  Be sure to look beyond your brand’s industry and culture.

Your Old is the new new

Dig into some crates of your own and look for products/services that you can re-introduce with Nostalgic Marketing techniques.  This will also help younger generations familiarize themselves with your brand’s unique offerings.  Need a plan to get started in Nostalgic Marketing?  We got you covered!  Shoot us an email to: to schedule your consultation today.