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In today’s digital age, marketing on social media gives us a plethora of opportunities to showcase and highlight our brands in a way that was not available to our parents.  Staying on top of digital marketing trends and resources is critical to your success.  Hubspot recently reported that memes are one of the most effective and convenient forms of posting.  

Using memes is a quick way for your consumers to respond to company news and announcements in a creatively engaging way that tightens the community your brand has and is building.  This is a great benefit for your brand because it allows you to quickly take the temperature of your brand’s latest releases and news, by simply reviewing the meme responses from your followers.

Engaging in the meme community and connecting your content to trending or popular memes can help engage a much larger portion of this particular community,  resulting in encouraged engagement and a more robust digital brand presence.

If you are still new to creating memes, start off by sharing user-generated memes on the channels they are most effective on.  Forums like Reddit and Twitter, for example, are ideal for this type of content. When posting, be sure to credit the original meme creator.  This will help you build a stronger brand connection, while also encouraging others to create their version of the branded content as well.  This is the key ingredient to foraging digital relationships with audiences you want to market to. 

When resharing content, please know that memes are subject to copyright laws. Careful use is essential when using memes for marketing purposes, so be cautious to avoid any legal repercussions.  

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