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The repercussions of the pandemic will most likely be felt for years to come. The shadow cast by COVID-19 will most likely linger, making it hard for consumers to simply forget its consequences. Brands will need to adapt their communications with this in mind. The tone of 2021 will be shaped by the 4 Cs of COVID-19 content: Community, Contactless, Cleanliness, and Compassion.  

When looking at mentions of the 4 Cs in relation to COVID-19 online, we can see these topics are still trending online. In search for information, consumers are turning to companies for information and reassurance relating to the crisis. According to Hubspot, ‘78% of consumers say that brands should help them out in their daily lives.’

Monitor Global Trends

Consistently monitoring the pandemic, and seeing how you can help your customers through it, will make a big difference in your communication strategy. Promoting key messaging can help you engage and build stronger connections with your community.

Monitor Global Trends

Make it your priority to drive sales for your brand or to boost company awareness. But for your consumers, the ongoing pandemic is still driving their motivations. Focus on relevant content that covers audience needs and concerns, instead of invasive advertising.

Focus your content on the 4 Cs

Link to the elements that consumers are focused on and connect those points to your brand. Is your store tackling cleanliness worries that you should highlight? Or are your customers more concerned about community well-being? Whatever your focus is, be sure to include the 4 Cs of Covid-19: Community, Contactless, Cleanliness, and Compassion.

Establish Your Brand’s Position on the Crisis

Make sure you know how your audience is responding to your brand messaging, as the issues are changing every day. Crisis management is a daily occurrence. Clearly establishing your brand’s position will help you shape your marketing messages, helping you avoid other brand decisions that could create negative PR.