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  1. Create Gift Certificates or Gift Cards.  Most businesses aren’t experiencing our regular foot traffic, which means we have to find other ways to push our products and services.  Let’s use one from the ‘holiday time’ playbook – gift certificates and gift cards.  Reach out to your loyal customers with a value add, incentivize them to Buy Now and Save Later…give them. Give them $5 for every $25 spent or some other incentive to buy now! Create a graphic for social media to share. Place a poster in your store window for those that may stop by.  For those that are skeptical to order food now this gives them an easy option to still support you…gift certificates and gift cards are a tried and true method to boost sales!
  2. Prepare your website to sell online. Now is the time to make it as convenient as possible for people to support you. Is your website setup for e-commerce?You can still make money while you are at home, even after the shutdown is over. You can use do-it yourself tools like to create an e-commerce website or you can save the hassle and call WDB! Email us for more information, we are doing special offers for e-commerce websites.
  3. Create an online flyer  or ad – all eyes are on social media!  While I was at home I was surprised by the number of commercials restaurants were still running. Now of course bigger companies have the budget to run commercials but as a small business you can still afford an email blast or social media ad.  What was great about the commercials were that they all were pushing DEALS..keeping in mind that everyone is working with less money so DEALS MATTER.  There are two wins with online ads, a conversion to a sale and an increase in brand familiarity.   Most people don’t know WDB offers video services, I am going to take the next two weeks to make sure people are familiar with EVERYTHING we do.  This may not convert to an immediate sell but in the next few months are efforts now will pay off.
  4.  Make it convenient as possible.  Think about what customers still needs what you offer but doesn’t have an easy way to access you.  Offer discounted delivery, contactless interactions (such as a chatbox on your website) or work with someone to create an app for you!   Tap into your customers psyche, there are customers out there that still need you.  You just have to make it easy for them!
  5. Create online content!  Content, Content, Content.  Whether that be through a YouTube channel, Facebook Live or your own podcast – now is the time to connect with your audience. We all have a to-do list when it comes to digital marketing (myself included). Whether that is post more consistently, update my LinkedIn profile or launch my own podcast – while we have extra time begin to research what works online and start producing content. Depending on your industry you may see an INCREASE in sales because you now have a captive audience for your product.